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All About Acoustic Pie

Acoustic Pie is a hobby run wildly amuck. I have a completely inexplicable drive to share the music I love with other people. Maybe that makes it a passion rather than a hobby.

The name Acoustic Pie is a nod to Don McLean's American Pie which, as a child, was the very first album I bought with my own allowance money.

The Radio Station

At any rate, it all began selfishly enough back in 2002 when I started a little 3-hour looping Internet radio stream so that I could listen to my favorite music while I worked. Within a few years, Acoustic Pie Radio was the #1 Singer/Songwriter station on the network with over 8000 listener hours per month from all over the globe and a 30-hour playlist. Acoustic Pie Radio was hosted at, the world's largest Internet radio network.

However, in January 2016, closed its doors due to impending legislative uncertainty about royalty fees. Acoustic Pie and thousands of other not-for-profit fan streams went silent that month.

The Music

Acoustic Pie is all about singer/songwriters. The songs flaunt mostly acoustic instruments and the songwriters featured range from the classics (such as Don McLean, James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Paul Simon) to the stars of today's contemporary folk arena (such as David Wilcox, Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith or Ellis Paul) mixed in with up-and-coming independent artists and topped off with some of San Diego's finest yet-to-be discovered talent.

The San Diego Scene

Discovering house concerts in San Diego (there's no better way on earth to listen to music!) and other acoustic venues plunged me headfirst into the local San Diego singer/songwriter scene. So many talented artists, and the scene just keeps getting better and better.

The Low-Down

Acoustic Pie is, ultimately, a fan site for people who love the singer/songwriter genre as much as I do. It doesn't generate revenue but I feel more than ably compensated when I get an email from an excited listener in Boston or Japan discovering a new singer/songwriter or a sweet thank-you note from an artist who appreciates what I'm doing.

Anything else?

If you still feel like reading, the December 2006 issue of the San Diego Troubadour had a lovely article about Acoustic Pie.

Thanks for visiting!
~Kelley Eve

Kelley Eve Martin
Del Mar/San Diego, CA


Contact Information for Acoustic Pie
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